Why Gut Health is important?

So, why the gut?

70% of our immunity is in the gut which plays a large role in protecting us from illness and disease. It’s involved in hormone regulation housing almost 60 hormones. It can control our weight, impact our energy levels and is involved in regulating blood sugar. It’s connected to our mental health, with 90% of serotonin being produced in our gut which helps to regulate memory, learning and mood. Its’ also physically connected to our brain by the vagus nerve – which explains why and how our gut health can have such a significant impact on our mood and mental health and how stress can impact our gut health.

The gut is filled with an entire ecosystem of bacteria:

The main bacteria in the gut to be aware of fall into these 3 categories
  • Firmicutes – thrive on a high fat diet
  • Bacteroides – love a low-fat diet with fibre
  • Proteobacteria – love protein and carbohydrates
For a healthy microbiome your gut needs:
  • Diversity – having variety of species of bacteria in our gut 
  • Richness – how many bacteria genes you have 
  • Resilience – Both diversity and richness lead to resilience
The more diverse your bacteria, the healthier and more resistant your ecosystem
When diversity of gut bacteria is low, we’re more susceptible to disturbances and disease.


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