Astro-Nutrition Report

Astro-Nutrition Report

Ideal for those seeking a personalized three month nutrition and wellness plan informed by astrology. This unique report identifies your personal needs through your birth chart and crafts a tailored nutrition plan with lifestyle recommendations to achieve your health goals.

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About the report

This unique report is designed using your astrology profile (birth chart). Providing you insights and dates on love, life and wellness needs for the next three months. 

Based on your nutrition and wellness goals, you will also receive a meal plan and wellness lifestyle recommendations aligned to your astrology profile over the three months.

How it works

Submit your Astro-Nutrition form and you will receive your personalised report via email within 7 days.

It includes:

  • Birth Chart Analysis: Astrological insights for the next three months on love, life and wellness needs.
  • Custom Meal Plan: Tailored to your goals and astrological profile.
  • Lifestyle Guidelines: Including exercise, mindfulness, and wellness practices.

What is achieved

Through this report you will…

  • Navigate love, life, mood and wellness over the next three months.
  • Achieve your nutrition goals.
  • Implement wellness strategies to support your wellbeing.

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My mission? To guide you through a transformative journey toward wellness, kickstarting right from the gut. So that you’re your best self with loved ones and living life the full.

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