Meet Aleyna
A Functional Nutritionist and Gut Health Practitioner

A healthy body and mind starts from the gut.

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“Design and build your desired lifestyle with a healthy body and mind – starting from the gut”

I believe that a healthy body and mind starts from the gut.

I am committed to help you transform your life to be filled with joy and purpose. Starting from the gut, I help you curb gut issues, achieve sustainable weight and wellness goals to then go deeper and design the lifestyle you want to live.

Sounding magical? I think so to…

With a determined mind and committed heart anything is possible, and I am here to help.

I am committed to helping the women of today and supporting the children of tomorrow. With 10% contribution to the education of children in vulnerable communities.

Aleyna Oksuz

Wellness Makeover

Achieve balance in gut health and wellness without a diet or one size fits all approach

Wellness Makeover is a 8 week program designed to identify the root cause of your grumpy gut and wellness challenges with tailored solutions unique to you. Join the waitlist to be invited to the free Masterclass.