Meet Aleyna
Wellness and Gut Health Coach

A healthy body and mind starts from the gut.

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“Design and build your desired lifestyle with a healthy body and mind – starting from the gut”

I believe that a healthy body and mind starts from the gut.

I am committed to help you transform your life to be filled with joy and purpose. Starting from the gut, I help you curb gut issues, achieve sustainable weight and wellness goals to then go deeper and design the lifestyle you want to live.

Sounding magical? I think so to…

With a determined mind and committed heart anything is possible, and I am here to help.

I am committed to helping the women of today and supporting the children of tomorrow. With 10% contribution to the education of children in vulnerable communities.

Aleyna Oksuz


ANEW (A Nurtured, Elevated, Wellbeing) is a digital on-demand course designed to heal your gut, achieve weight goals and transform your life through holistic wellness. A step-by-step guide to help you eliminate what doesn’t serve you, nourish with what supports you, and take a balanced approach for sustainable outcomes across the 5 Petals of holistic wellness. Including; Move, Nourish, Mind, Financial Independence and Friends.

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