Hey I’m Aleyna,
A Nutritionist with a passion for healthy gut and hormones

Getting sick on a monthly basis, high levels of stress and burnout, countless digestive issues causing stubborn weight gain, mild depression and social anxiety…that was me for a number of years.

I spent three years and thousands of dollars trying to uncover the root cause and heal from this vicious cycle.

Through sheer persistence and a strong desire to feel like ME again, I addressed the root cause and achieved balance in my health and nutrition.

Through this experience, I have identified my purpose to help others shine their light through nutrition, starting from the gut.

I am a Nutritionist, a Certified Health Coach and completed an Advanced Gut Health course. But most of all, I am a complete foodie and a lover of life.

Aleyna Oksuz

I am Australian with a Turkish background, a complete foodie, a discoverer of the world, a big hugger with an infectious laugh – I warn you once I giggle, I find it hard to stop!



Learn to ‘flow and glow’, by viewing your nutrition journey as an adventure of healing from the inside out. Rather than a stressful outcome driven journey. During this experience…

  • Be kind to yourself and others
  • Be patient with yourself and your progress
  • Have fun by celebrating every win

Identify the root cause

It’s so easy to address symptoms first because it’s the most obvious immediate experience we have. However, this is not sustainable and usually leads to bigger health problems, causing a vicious cycle of health events.  Bear in mind…

Small changes

Bite size changes over extreme fad diets are more effective to achieve your nutrition and wellness goals. An effective approach will…

Be your best self with loved ones and enjoy life to the full.

Are you ready to transform your relationship with food and embrace a healthier lifestyle? 

I am dedicated to guiding you on a journey towards optimal health and wellbeing through personalised nutrition and lifestyle strategies.