Nutrition Consults

Free Consultation

Schedule a complimentary consultation to explore your goals and preferences, and discover how I can support your journey. Whether you choose one of the services listed below or a custom plan tailored specifically for you, this session will help us create a strategy that fits your unique needs.

Ask Aleyna

Meal Plan + Recipes (4 weeks) $99

Share your goals completing a Nutrition-assessment, and Aleyna will create a personalized meal plan with lifestyle guidelines tailored to your needs.


It includes:

  • Online Nutrition-assessment
  • Custom Meal Plan tailored to your needs
  • Lifestyle guidelines to support your goals


You will receive the Nutrition-assessment followed by your personalized plan via email within 7 days of purchase. 

Two Consult Pack

Meal Plan + Coaching (2 sessions) $149

Perfect for those seeking quick, targeted advice and meal planning guidance. This package is ideal if you need a short-term plan or a kick-start towards your health goals with coaching.

It includes:

  • Two Private Coaching calls (30 mins)
  • Two custom Meal Plans + Recipes
  • Brief follow-up support to address any immediate questions

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VIP Consult and Coaching

Meal Plan + Coaching (4 weeks) $249

Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain, improving gut health, or creating a unique healthy lifestyle, this is designed for YOU. Tailored to your personal preferences and goals, this approach ensures you achieve the results you desire.

It includes:

  • Weekly Private Coaching calls (30 mins)
  • Weekly custom Meal Plans + Recipes
  • Exclusive access via WhatsApp for questions and support


Click on ‘Book Now’ providing us your availability for your free consult.