Why weight loss journey is so individual

When it comes to weight loss a lot of the time people miss the fact that weight gain is a symptom of a root cause. So when we attempt to lose weight following a diet we are most likely to gain it back.

You may hear that the number one mistake when it comes to weight loss is following a fad diet, and this is true to an extent. But I like to add onto this and day the number one mistake is not recognising that weight gain is a symptom of another root cause.

Imagine this…

You have five women wanting to lose weight, they discover a new diet and all decide to follow this diet to lose weight.

Person one achieves great outcomes.She has lost weight, she’s happy and feels confident – she’s sharing her photos on Instagram and you think she looks great

Person two to five haven’t achieved weight loss and are feeling extremely frustrated, exhausted. They start to think there is something wrong with them. How can it work for person one and not work for them?


They all have underlying needs and various root causes to their weight problems.

Person two has IBS- experiences bloating, flatulence and constipation so struggles to lose weight with digestive issues. She won’t lose the weight until she focuses on healing from IBS.

Person three can not digest starches and fats, so actually needs digestive enzymes to support a healthy functioning of her digestive system. So she will only lose weight when her metabolism is healed.

Person four has candida overgrowth and craves sugar with a slowed metabolism. She can only lose weight once she heals from candida overgrowth before it turns into IBS or other gut health problems.

Person five has an acidic body so her body burns acid before burning fats to protect her organs.

This is why weight loss is so unique and individuals need to take personalised approaches to their weight loss journey. This is also why when two or more people follow the same diet, they experience different outcomes.

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