The importance of alkalinity

Research tells us that our body is made up trillions of cells, and what some research in biochemistry tells us is that we need to keep our cells alkaline for the prevention of illness and to lose and maintain weight.

How does our body get acidic?

From the food we consume and the environments we are in. We have supermarkets filled with packaged foods, foods that have additives, salts and sugars which all contribute to having an acidic body.

Each day our cells require energy consumption, together with the food we consume and the oxygen we breath, this energy is carried through our blood to our cells. The cells in our body burn the energy and turn it into let’s call them ‘ashes’ that are considered acidic. If they are not cleaned, our cells become acidic.

What is the impact on weight loss?

If there is more acidity than our body can manage to clean, the acidity then needs to be stored somewhere and they are usually stored in the fat in our body. So, when our body needs to burn something for energy, where our body is acidic it will burn the acid stored in our fat cells to get rid of the acidity rather than fat for energy. Now our body is super intelligent and amazing because our body is protecting us with the fat acting as a buffer to acidity. If the fat in our body didn’t act as a buffer the acid would damage our veins and the organs it passes.

When we try every diet, we can think of, exercise regularly, do everything we can to lose weight we might find ourselves struggling to lose weight because of the acidity in our body. Even in scenarios where we lose some weight, we will find ourselves gaining the weight right back again due to the acidity in our body.

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